Do you know Nigerian Poker Players?

Nigerian Poker Players, who are good enough to play and win:
According to Nigeria poker database, the two best poker players in the Nigerian poker scene now are Emmanuel Arokodare and Aminu PJ-Akpan.

Emmanuel Arokodare’s best live cash total is $19,245. Total live earnings are $24,345.

Aminu PJ-Akpan’s best live cash total is $1,250. And he has earned a total of $1,250 in live earnings.

Are gambling winnings in Nigeria subject to taxes?

No. You do not need pay the tax. All winnings resulting from playing poker online is non-taxable. But poker operators must pay a series of levies and taxes. This is the reason why Nigeria does not tax winnings. Despite of that, some poker rooms will apply withdrawal processing fees for certain withdrawal methods.


Can I play online poker in Nigeria from a mobile device?
Yes. You can play poker online in Nigeria. Poker is available for download on a wide variety of platforms, and you can even play on your mobile or tablet. Take a look below for great mobile Poker apps that you can download. Most online poker sites will allow you to enjoy online poker via a mobile device. As long as you have a stable connection you will be able to access all table games, tournaments, deposit, and withdrawal and contact support should you need to.

Am I able to play poker at the same table as my friends?
This new service allows Poker Nigeria players to create “Poker Clubs”. In these, the founders can set an invitation code that friends can use to join the administrator of each club, who confirms the games and tournaments, as well as the creation of lobbies and tables for their players.

The clubs will allow players to play small-scale events and maintain internal rankings, being the same as a game proposed by the room or like a local poker league. In addition, there will be restrictions on clubs, preventing them from large-scale operations. Each poker club may not have more than 50 players, and no player may manage more than one club; Furthermore, each player may only participate in a maximum of three clubs.

How can you pay in online Nigerian Poker Rooms?
You know the official currency of Nigeria is the Naira. And you can for sure pay by Naira in all online poker rooms. When it comes to gambling in Nigeria. You can for sure pay in Naira, but as well by other currencies too.

Unfortunatelly when you send money to some countries, or to some operators. At the time poker 9ja made survey, some operators limit the transactions from or to Nigeria. The concern is the money laundering. This is fact and we can talk about that. But that is all what we can do.

Online Poker - Betting Limits in Nigeria
Although poker and online sports betting are booming thanks to the social isolation caused by the situation in the world, not everything seems to be rosy in the sector: governments such as the United Kingdom are discussing the option of putting limits on this type of gambling online to avoid, according to them, other types of evils.

European parliamentarians have expressed their concerns seeing how regular players and new people are being directed to online games for money as a measure of entertainment in the face of limited options that exist in conventional sports. Public officials are calling on companies to place a suggested limit of £ 50 per day during the coronavirus crisis.

"For the industry to impose a daily limit of £ 50 on itself would be a clear demonstration that it is willing to act responsibly and do what it can to protect the finances of society and people at this terrible time," they said in a letter. several deputies from the European country.

According to information from the digital portal The Guardian, companies such as William Hill have sent emails to all their staff to encourage their customers to learn about other less popular sports such as table tennis or Japanese baseball to encourage increased betting and that This type of action is precisely what the aforementioned parliamentarians seek to avoid in order to reduce future addiction or gambling problems.

"We are deeply concerned that as we get deeper into this crisis, more and more people are turning to online gambling as a distraction."
MPs also called for a ban on clients opening multiple accounts and faster intervention with clients showing signs of disorderly and irresponsible gambling.

How to Become a Professional Poker Player?
Poker mistakes: overestimating your hand
Today we start a new section called errors in poker, with which we intend to solve or shed some light on the most common mistakes made by poker players at the gaming tables, and thereby try to get our readers to play every day better at online or live poker and can be winners at the gaming tables.

Today we will talk about one of the most common poker mistakes that can occur at a gaming table, overestimating our hand and ending up in a giant pot that we cannot win.

Poker mistakes - overestimating your hand
Players who want to become winners at the gaming tables, must be very clear about certain game concepts, so as not to make mistakes in poker that will hurt their winnings and to take advantage of the mistakes of others, which guarantee them to take part of the game. money that rivals put at stake.

Many players are not clear yet, what play they can have at a certain moment, although they have linked and do not see beyond whether they have linked or not, how many times have we seen how a player ends up paying very high bets with their linked Top Pair, without a good kicker to accompany him, for simply being the Ace of Diamonds that he has hit? This error is usually the most common, and it is the one that costs the most money by far for the vast majority of players, who do not know how to see the strength of their hand, beyond their linked card, when there are other values ​​equal or more important which we will have to look at as:

My opponent, is he passive or aggressive?
Are there projects completed?
Is there a chance for many better hands to beat me?
Is the rival's sequence logical?
Many variables come into play, when it comes to seeing if we are committed to the pot or we can calmly abandon our tied hand, since with high probabilities, we will be outmatched by the opponent, without it having to hurt us to abandon our Ace of Hearts Seven of Spades on a board that contains an Ace of Diamonds but as circumstances have happened, we are unlikely to have the best hand a minimum percentage of times to make it profitable to stay in that pot.
Poker Mistakes - Avoid Unnecessary Mess
One of the basic premises will be not to get into unnecessary trouble, or make mistakes in poker, especially against other types of regular players, who are at the gaming table just like you, trying to profit from the weak or exploitable player, with what:

The more stack we have, the less risky plays we will want to promote, especially when we do not play with a very strong hand or with a draw without the Nuts.
Avoid unnecessary trouble with regulars at the table, they surely also know poker and will put you in complicated situations, which will lead to an excess of variance.
Try to play small pots with small hands and big pots with big hands.
Don't bluff, showdown hands, or go ahead of your opponent's range.
Always think about hand ranges in plays.
Avoid costly poker mistakes, sometimes it is better to give up a little too much to an aggressive player preflop than to see yourself trapped postflop and losing a giant pot.
An example of a hand was recently played by our Poker Masters poker player and online streamer, who is testing new strategies at the gaming tables and which will help us to fully reason a hand.

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